Continuous Innovation Model

Innovation starts by identifying the most relevant factors of disruption within an industry. From Discovery to Goal Definition and from Strategy to Execution, we compose the most relevant functional teams from thorough academic analysis towards fast entrepreneurial execution. 

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Gathering internal and external insights to identify challenges and opportunities

  • Market Research

  • Disruption Monitoring

  • Internal Analysis

  • Competitor Analysis

  • User Research

  • Business Modeling

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Goal Definition

Developing high level goals and ambitions and aligning on purpose

  • Vision & Mission

  • Purpose & Values

  • Ambition Level & Milestones

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Identifying key initiatives and priorities

  • Concept Development

  • Product/Service Development

  • Value Proposition Design

  • Lean & Agile Development

  • Product Strategy

  • Digital Transformation

  • Culture Transformation



Planning and Organization

  • Methods

  • Planning

  • Resources

  • Organisation

    • Decision Bodies

    • Processes

    • Reporting Lines

    • Progress Tracking

    • Change Management

    • Education



Continuous evaluation and optimisation based on data driven decision-making

  • Market Feedback Mechanisms

  • Performance Measuring Advertising

  • Data Driven Decision Making

  • Continuous Innovation Culture

  • Continuous Evaluation of Strategy and Performance